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Coral World - Nassau, The Bahamas

Coral World Bahamas was a combination aquarium and beach resort that opened in 1987. Its signature lighthouse-like tower observatory was built on an artificial island and is linked to the mainland of Nassau via an elevated causeway. 

 Coral World 1987

Coral World 1987

Coral World suffered severe damage from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Although the UFO-esque tower remains as an easily recognizable landmark, the cessation of any maintenance by owners Coral World International is allowing rust and weathering to inexorably take their toll.


The video below was shot in 1993 at Coral World on our one and only visit. I had forgotten what a nice place it was. Nassau and Paradise Island are in the background of the bridge. It looks much different now with Atlantis and the new area for cruise ships downtown.

I have been told that Coral World didn't reopen because there were plans in place for the waterpark in Atlantis. If you have been to Atlantis, that does make some sense because the open shark area and fish tanks are on a much bigger scale, but similar to what Coral World had. 

Below are some shots of what Coral World looks like now. A shame because it was a nice place, but I guess that's progress.