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Everglades Holiday Park

One day over the Christmas holidays, I spent a late afternoon shooting at Everglades Holiday Park. It is located at the gateway to the Florida Everglades off US 27. The park offers airboat rides into the wetlands providing visitors the  opportunity to see alligators, fish and birds in their natural habitat. They caution visitors to avoid the water's edge because of the gators and snakes. 

The Animal Planet show, Gator Boys, is filmed at the park. Someone from the show is at the park every day to perform live gator shows. 

On this day, I didn't see any gators, but it isn't unusual to see them up on the shoreline resting, almost like they are sunbathing.  I have seen tourists go up to a gator thinking it wasn't real only to realize as they go close, it is in fact was alive.  

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