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On The Streets in Port-au-Prince

On my recent trip to Haiti, I spent some time shooting in Port-au-Prince. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the city. My first trip to Haiti was before the earthquake and I have returned every year since. I can say that for the first time, I could a significant improvement in the conditions in Port-au-Prince. I saw very little rubble, but there are still large empty areas that haven't been rebuilt. There are far few tent cities and in general, the city is cleaner. In the shots, the city may not seem clean, but it is much better than it was. 

In Haiti, there  is no organized public transportation system and  the majority of the people don't have cars. The colorful vehicles in a number of the shots are called Tap Taps, the main mode of transportation in Haiti. You will also see people doing a lot of things manually, pushing wheelbarrows and carts because of the lack vehicles.

If you have never been to Port-au-Prince, I hope the photos will give you a sense of what the city is like. It is crowded, colorful, loud and to a foreigner, it appears chaotic.

Watch the photos in a video .... On The Streets in Port-au-Prince